Greetings everyone from Sir Rowland and THL Kaz, event stewards for Grand Outlandish Tournaments (Tribute)
Below you will find the new revised schedule with updated locations for the activities we have planned. 
Site fees – 
$10 Adult member
$15 Adult non-member
Children 17 and under are free! 
^^Guests with a preregistration for the original event can choose one of the following options:
1. Recieve a full refund post event once SCArs monies are deposited.
2. Use the preregistration to pay the site fee and recieve a refund of the difference.
3. Donate balance after paying site fee -OR- Donate the entire amount of the prereg to benenfit the Baronial Coffers. 
A couple of notes about our limitations with these various sites. 
*Please bring your own seating for the park. Pop up shades are permitted as long as they are secured by weights and not stakes. No staking will be allowed at the park. Our staff is going to arrive especially early to claim an area under the shade trees to provide the maximum amount of comfort for our guests. 
*The feast meats of chicken and sausage will be provided as a part of your site fee. We will have several volunteers providing grills or smokers that we can help prepare a variety of tasty treats for anybody who wishes to participate. Please, we invite you to fill in the feast with potluck sides. Things that go well at such feasts include bread, tarts, cheeses, charcuterie, pickles, savory spreads, and much more. Consider contributing to the greater feast by bringing either a side dish, a loaf of bread, or a flat of water. Offboarding is absolutely acceptable, should you have specific dietary needs or wish to maintain COVID protocols for your table and guests. 
*Please plan to bring your own feast gear. If you have extra few gear that a newcomer or a return member might be able to borrow, please consider bringing it as well. Plan ahead and bring some bags for you to carry home you dirty dishes as we will not have access to the kitchen sinks. 
*We will need vacuum cleaners for the final clean up at the shrine, so if anybody is willing to bring their vacuum cleaner to use, that would be much appreciated. In this case many vacuums really does make light work.
Grand Outlandish Tournaments (Tribute)
Saturday May 28, 2022
8:30 am – gate opens at Heritage Hills Park (7015 Ventura Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109)
9:00 – Last Court of Rowland & Ymanya
10 min break
Investiture Court of Harduin & Gwenlyn
11:00 – Lord of Outlandish & Outlandish Blade – these tournaments are to be run concurrently until quarter finals. The Lord Outlandish will resolve first. Transfer of the titles to be done on the field.
1:00 – Melee scenarios ensue
2:00 – gate transfers to Ballut Abyad Shrine center (6600 Zuni Rd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108)
4:00 – Gate opens at Revel, main dish cooking begins, interior decorating and prep ensues.
5:00 – Evening court if desired.
6:00 – 9:00 – Reveling & Feasting
9:00 – 10:00 – Clean up and site closes
Sunday May 29, 2022
9:00 am – COVID sign in opens at the Archery Shoppe (2910 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110)
9:30 – 11:00 – Outlandish Archer Tournament and fun shoots
11:00 – COVID sign in opens at Heritage Hill Park 
11:30 – Sunday War Practice featuring Outlandish scenarios begins
2:00 pm – COVID check-in closes
This Event is held and managed by the Barony of al-Barran, a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is considered the official presence of this group here. Questions regarding its content should be directed to


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Greet the Day, Good Nobles!

Grand Outlandish is one of our oldest and dearest traditions in the Barony of al-Barran. Once host to the Lord of the Outlands Tournament, we continue to gather as a community to celebrate all that is the Society for Creative Anachronisms. Check out the links below to see just what we have in store for Grand Outlandish XLVII!

Martial Activities

Heavy Armored Combat, Rapier, Cut & Thrust, Archery, & Thrown Weapons; We have it all! Here is where you will find details on the Tournaments, Melees, and Shoots we have planned.

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Arts & Sciences

Explore the classes and open workshops we have planned for our weekend in the woods! Register to teach a class or host a workshop here.

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The fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets. Here you will find all the information on our nightly revels. Explore what we have planned and how you can get involved.

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Event Schedule 

The full schedule of Tournaments, Melees, Classes, Workshops, Shoots, Revels, and Court can be found here!

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Site Information & Map

Site location, directions, camping map, and more…..

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All registration options are explained here….

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No great undertaking in the Society can be accomplished without the work of volunteers. How will you help make GOT XLVII a reality?

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Site Safety & Rules

Emergency info, Fire safety, COVID policy, Etc……

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My 1st Grand Outlandish was in 1982. I was 10 years old and the page of Lord Olaf Bearcrusher. I camped with Rolling Thunder, attended a feast of venison on Crimson Hill, and saw my first King and Queen.  Although I took a break until 1986, that first Outlandish was the thing that burned the love of the SCA into me. The memory of that event is what brought me back. Since then, although I haven’t attended all of them, I’ve been to many Grand Outlandishes, and have more great memories than I can count. I received my AoA at this great event, on the morning after losing my guido at (then) Count Johann’s knighting vigil. I’ve had the honor of being the Lord of Outlandish twice, and also received my Pelican at a Grand Outlandish. Far greater than any of these honors, in my mind, I carry the memories of amazing wild parties the likes of which I’ve not seen since, feats of knightly valor, incredible drums and dancing, incomparable service and sacrifice, fun and laughter, some profoundly terrible weather, and through it all, good times spent with good friends. Outlandish is truly a hallmark of the Outlands! It continues because of all of the history it represents, and will continue because of all the memories that are yet to be.




Hrothgar Monomakh

Duke hrothgar Monomakh

Events are ephemeral, their existence fading into memory a soon as we pack camp. This transient nature reminds me of Farts. Like the passing of wind it is far more pleasant to smell one’s own odor than those of others. Sure the weather is probably going to stink. Sure someone is going to turn an ankle or get dehydrated (ahem) and that stinks. Yes, you will come home with Outlandish boogers in your nose. 

I’ve been to Pennsic it stinks in a hot, sticky and moist way. I’ve been to Great Western War it literally stinks of manure. 

So, Outlandish? Sure some of it will stink but, it’s a homegrown funk. It’s  OUR STINK!

And it’s stinkin’ grand!

Lord Fedallah al-dajjal et dasht y lut 

Event Staff

We are working hard to provide a great experience for the populace. After three years in hiatus, it is time to come together and make our Outlandish dreams come true. Please reach out with questions, comments, concerns, or to volunteer.

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Sir Rowland de Grey

Event Steward

ThL Kaz de Rhodes

Site lead & Logistics

Lady Catrina Fraser

Exchequer & Reservationist